Assoc. Prof. Yaron Amouyal – Group Leader


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Research Students

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Dawod Muhamed


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Past Group Members

Gilad Agam , M.Sc. Student, graduated 2023
Research topic: Effects of doping lead telluride (PbTe) with copper (Cu) on thermoelectric performance.

Or Zabari , M.Sc. Student, graduated 2022
Research topic: Optimization of ball milling processing conditions for thermoelectric calcium manganite compounds.

Ohad Shkury, M.Sc. Student, graduated 2022

Dr. Amram Azulay, Ph.D.
Research topic: Electronic and Thermal Transport in CaO(CaMnO3)m-based Materials for Energy Conversion Applications

Dr. Yuriy Natanzon,  Research Associate, 2019-2022
Research topic: Atomistic (DFT) simulations of structural and electronic properties of telluride and manganate-based thermoelectric compounds

Michal Keret-Kleiner, M. Sc. Student, graduated 2022

Yoav H. Jurkevitch, B. Sc. Student and lab manager, 2018-2022

Aleksandra Uzhanskaia, M.Sc. Student, graduated 2022
Research topic: First principles calculations of interface energies of PbTe-based compounds

Dr. Chhatrasal Gayner, Postdoctoral Fellow, until 2021
Research topic: bismuth telluride materials for thermoelectric and topological applications utilizing Hall effect and electron microscopy.

Gil Solomon, M.Sc. Student, graduated 2021
Research: Rational design of bismuth telluride based compounds for thermoelectric efficiency enhancement.

Meir Haim Dahan, M.Sc. Student, Graduated 2020
Research topic – rational design of led telluride doped with silver for thermoelectric application

Dr. Andrei Baranovskiy, Postdoctoral Scientist, 2015-2018
Research topic – atomistic simulations of thermoelectric properties of Ruddlesden-Popper CaO(CaMnO3)m n-type compounds in the framework of the DFT approach.

Ariel Sheskin, M.Sc. Student, Graduated 2017
Research topic – Defects and interfaces in Ag-alloyed PbTe compounds for thermoelectric applications.

Boris Nijikovsky, Ph.D. , graduated 2017
Research topic – Design of Thermoelectric Properties of Ag-Sb-Te (AST)-based Compounds for Energy Conversion.

Ido Koresh, M.Sc. Student, graduated 2017
Research topic – Effects of precipitation on thermal conductivity of Ni-doped thermoelectric (TE) zinc oxide.>

Eliran Evenstein, Research Assistant, Laboratory Engineer, until 2016

Tom Grossfeld, M.Sc. Student (GTEP), graduated 2015
Research topic – investigation of the Microstructure evolution and enhancement of the thermoelectric conversion efficiency of PbTe – based compounds for renewable energy applications.

Elad Joseph, M.Sc. Student (GTEP), graduated 2015
Research topic – A first-principles study of the role of substitutional elements in PbTe – based thermoelectric compounds for renewable energy applications.

Ayelet Graff, M.Sc. Student, graduated 2015
Research topic – Effects of lattice defects on thermoelectric properties of calcium-manganite compounds for energy harvesting applications.