Assoc. Prof. Yaron Amouyal – Group Leader

De-Jur bldg., room 605,
Tel: +972-77-8871915
Fax: +972-4-8295677

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Research Associates

Dr. Yuriy Natanzon
Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Students

Amram Azulay, Ph.D. Candidate, T.A.

Gilad Agam, M.Sc. Candidate

Dawod Muhamed, M.Sc. Candidate


Aleksandra Uzhanskaia, M.Sc. Candidate

Ohad Shkury, M.Sc. Candidate

Michal Keret-Kleiner, M.Sc. Candidate


Or Zabari, M.Sc. Candidate


B.Sc. Students

Yoav H. Jurkevitch

Past Group Members

Dr. Chhatrasal Gayner, Postdoctoral Fellow, until 2021
Research topic: bismuth telluride materials for thermoelectric and topological applications utilizing Hall effect and electron microscopy.

Gil Solomon, M.Sc. Student, graduated 2021
Research: Rational design of bismuth telluride based compounds for thermoelectric efficiency enhancement.

Meir Haim Dahan, M.Sc. Student, Graduated 2020
Research topic – rational design of led telluride doped with silver for thermoelectric application

Dr. Andrei Baranovskiy, Postdoctoral Scientist, until 2018
Research topic – atomistic simulations of thermoelectric properties of Ruddlesden-Popper CaO(CaMnO3)m n-type compounds in the framework of the DFT approach.

Ariel Sheskin, M.Sc. Student, Graduated 2017
Research topic – Defects and interfaces in Ag-alloyed PbTe compounds for thermoelectric applications.

Boris Nijikovsky, PhD, graduated 2017
Research topic – Design of Thermoelectric Properties of Ag-Sb-Te (AST)-based Compounds for Energy Conversion.

Ido Koresh, M.Sc. Student, graduated 2017
Research topic – Effects of precipitation on thermal conductivity of Ni-doped thermoelectric (TE) zinc oxide.>

Eliran Evenstein, Research Assistant, Laboratory Engineer, until 2016

Tom Grossfeld, M.Sc. Student (GTEP), graduated 2015
Research topic – investigation of the Microstructure evolution and enhancement of the thermoelectric conversion efficiency of PbTe – based compounds for renewable energy applications.

Elad Joseph, M.Sc. Student (GTEP), graduated 2015
Research topic – A first-principles study of the role of substitutional elements in PbTe – based thermoelectric compounds for renewable energy applications.

Ayelet Graff, M.Sc. Student, graduated 2015
Research topic – Effects of lattice defects on thermoelectric properties of calcium-manganite compounds for energy harvesting applications.