Dr. Yuriy Natanzon, Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD 2010, Physics/Materials Science  (Department for Structural Research, The Henryk Niewodniczański Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow)
MSc 2006 and BSc 2005, Physics of Biological Systems (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, diploma thesis research at the Department of Nonlinear Condensed Matter Physics, Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics National Academy of Sciences Ukraine)

De-Jur bldg., room 502,
Tel: +972-77-8871547
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Within the group Yuriy performs ab initio simulations of structural and electronic properties of CaO(CaMnO3)m n-type thermoelectric compounds within framework of the Density Functional Theory. The results of calculations help to understand the charge transfer mechanism in thermoelectric compounds as well as to guide the experiments to help design new compounds with the desired properties.

Selected publications:

  1. M. H. Dahan, A. Baranovskiy, Y. Natanzon, Y. Amouyal. A first-principles study of the temperature-dependent diffusion coefficients of silver in the thermoelectric compound PbTe. Acta Materialia 202, 243-254 (2020)
  2. A. Azulay, M. Wahabi, Y. Natanzon, Y. Kauffman, Y. Amouyal: Enhanced Charge Transport in Ca2MnO4-Layered Perovskites by Point Defect Engineering. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 12, 49768–49776 (2020)
  3. Y. Natanzon, A. Azulay, Y. Amouyal. Evaluation of Polaron Transport in Solids from First-Principles. Isr. J. Chem. 60, 1-20 (2020)
  4. D. Pilipenko, Y. Natanzon, H. Emmerich. Influence of Temperature Dependence of Bulk Modulus on Crack Propagation Velocity. Journal of Ceramic Science and Technology 05:77 (2014)
  5. M. Boniecki, Y. Natanzon, Z. Łodziana. Effect of cation doping on lattice and grain boundary diffusion in superplastic yttria-stabilised tetragonal zirconia. Journal of Journal of the European Ceramic Society 30:657 (2010)
  6. J. S. Hummelshøj et al., Y. Natanzon et al., T. Bligaard, K. W. Jacobsen, J. K. Nørskov, and T. Vegge. Density functional theory based screening of ternary alkali-transition metal borohydrides: A computational material design project. The Journal of Chemical Physics 131:014101 (2009).
  7. Y. Natanzon, L.S. Brizhik, A.A. Eremko. Dynamics of a self-trapped quasiparticle in a one-dimensional molecular lattice with two phonon modes. Physica status solidi b 244, 545 (2007).